4 Easy Ways to Renovate Your Kitchen on a Budget

by Flooringmarket

Nothing is more beautiful or more impressive than a freshly renovated room. Bringing together your personal sense of style and some elegant yet practical products, a new room can become the centrepiece of your home.

When it does come time to renovate you can’t go past the kitchen. Kitchens aren’t just an interior designers dream, they’re also a room that serves an important functional purpose, and is often the centre of the home where the family congregates. Getting the process and balance right is important but you also want to make sure any renovations come in under budget. To help you out with your creative kitchens, here are 4 easy ways to renovate on a budget.

1.Find the Perfect Flooring for You

As probably the largest surface in your home, having an impressive floor can enhance the rest of the room. Depending on your sense of style there are plenty of great options to choose from.

If wood is your number one preference, consider timber and bamboo options. Both of these options make the most of rich brown and red hues, creating a sense of warmth and class throughout your house. Bamboo flooring also has a range of great benefits like being environmentally sustainable and termite resistant. It’s easy to DIY too.

Of course, tiles are also a wonderful choice for kitchens and are another affordable option. Tiles can easily match the sleek design of contemporary kitchens. You can get tilling to match your existing kitchen or build a new design around your favourite tiles.

2.Make a Statement with Feature Walls

If you’re sick of your kitchen being ruined by stained walls and fading paint, you can easily reinvent them with a feature wall.

Feature walls are one of the most affordable decorating solutions around and they’re a great way to draw the eye in your room. Wall panels are easy to install and are a great starting point to build your room around. Consider this bold example and its striking use of colour as an idea to bounce off.

3.Decorate Your Kitchen

Nothing is less attractive than a bare kitchen. Fortunately, with a little bit of creativity you can easily counteract this. Some clever design elements can bring a sense of depth and character to your kitchen and they don’t need to cost you much. You can turn everyday objects into practical decorations or you can seek out the best, and most unique decorations on the market.

4.Make it a Mosaic

Splashbacks are some of the most recognisable features in any kitchen but they don’t always draw the eye for the right reasons. Stainless steel splashbacks can seem plain, lifeless and unoriginal. If you want to easily build a brilliant kitchen, consider aluminium mosaics for your splashback.

With dramatic textures and a clever use of light, aluminium mosaics can add some character to your kitchen. They’re cheap to buy and easy to install too, making them a perfect solution.

Any of these 4 great examples could be the perfect touch to reinvent your kitchen. They’re easy to organise, easy to implement and they’re affordable too. Perhaps consider using them in your renovation, or simply as inspiration to create your own ideas from.

Do you have creative solutions for renovating your kitchen on a budget? Let us know in the comments and keep the conversation going.