Pretty Wood Panels, Tiles, and Wallpaper Complement Sydney Flooring

by Andy Chen

Sydney, New South Wales (February 5, 2015) – Flooring Market Group Pty. Ltd., a leading supplier and installer of top-quality flooring products, allows customers to add elegance to their homes or office spaces by beautifying the walls with 3D wall panels which supplement chic Sydney flooring. These wooden panels have patterns carved into their surfaces, creating significant impact by giving a room style and sophistication.

The company believes that rooms should have a central focal point of interest from which all other elements flow. A feature wall in 3D wall panels is one such point of interest. These panels also have outdoor applications when manufactured in waterproof polymer, a great alternative for decorating alfresco areas.

Another way to liven up walls is via metal mosaic tiles made from different types of metal and are used to create patterns for any theme. These tiles are available in a wide variety of metals including stainless steel, gold, bronze, and copper.

The patterns of metal mosaic tiles available are as varied as the sizing and colour options. Individual tiles shapes may be round, rectangular, curvy, or uniquely organic. Square tiles are often alternated using two different types of metal to create checkerboard patterns.

Designers, architects, and builders can find DIY 3D wood feature wall panels, DIY metallic mosaic tiles, decorative wall paper, and everything from European Oak to Sydney bamboo flooring now on display at the Flooring Market Group’s showrooms, with plenty of choices when it comes to shapes, colours, and textures. To find out more about the wall and flooring options available from the company, visit

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