Everything You Need to Know about Caring for Your Timber Floors

by Flooringmarket

Timber flooring doesn’t just look great, it’s fantastic for your home too, adding value and a touch of class to every room. With so many benefits to enjoy, what is the best way to protect this long-term investment? Fortunately, care and maintenance for timber floors is actually fairly straightforward and not at all back breaking. By following a few simple tips, you can enjoy a clean and healthy timber floor for years to come.

Tips for Before You Use the Floor

Before you even get your hands (or more accurately your feet), on your new timber floors, there are a range of precautions you can take to maximise its life and its appearance.

chair-felt-pads.jpg1. Don’t Be too Fast with Your Furniture

Before placing your furniture and enjoying the finished product, consider the following steps.

If your hardwood floor wasn’t pre-finished you’ll need to wait about 2 days after the last coat of varnish is applied before placing your furniture.

Even if your floor was pre-finished, it’s important to put protective pads on the bottom of your furniture. You can buy felt and cut it to size to fit the bottom of your furniture. Place it on the legs on your couches and in the corners of bigger furniture like book cases.

2. Don’t Rug Up… Yet

Some great looking rugs will be a fine way to protect your timber floors eventually but again, for floors that are varnished its best to wait around 2 weeks before laying rugs.

Make the Most of Mats and Rugs

Once your floor is ready for use, mats are some of your best friends. Don’t get us wrong, you don’t want to cover up those great looking floors, but mats and rugs can be useful. Here’s how:

Place mats on the inside of your doors and encourage guests and family alike to wipe their feet thoroughly. Dirt can scratch and wear down your new wood floors

Rugs will protect your floor from the sun, slowing down the natural fading or darkening process.

Make it a “Heel Free” Zone

Denting is a real danger for timber floors. That’s why high heels and similarly sharp-surfaced shoes should be left for the dance floor. The same thing goes for clawed and long-nailed pets like cats, dogs for even birds. Keep your pets’ paws (or talons) trimmed and maintained if they live inside.

Remember, if your solid timer is ever damaged, it can generally be resurfaced, proving a brand new finish, but prevention is always the best cure.

Top Tips for Keeping Your Timber Floor Clean

The truth is, hardwood floors are easy to clean because the mess generally just wipes away. There are still a few things to know to keep them at their best for longer.

1 .Keep Your Vacuuming Soft

Regular vacuuming works a treat for surface dirt but make sure you have a soft head for your vacuum.

2. Wet Won’t Work Well

When the vacuum isn’t strong enough you can mop your floor, but watch your water use. A wet mop can damage your timber by causing it to expand but a well wrung one will work a treat for more stubborn messes.

3. Fast Wiping Will Avoid Disaster

Moisture isn’t fantastic for your floors but there’s still no point crying over spilt milk or another liquid for that matter. Wiping up spills quickly will leave your floor unaffected.

These general tips will start you on your journey to a long-lasting and great-looking hardwood floor. Remember to always refer back to the manufacturer’s instructions for specific care of your timber floors.