DIY Measure

The following approach of measure is only for regular area such as rectangle and triangle. If the place is irregular, professional measurer is advised.

1. Rectangle Area

In terms of rectangle area, we can simply multiply two sides to calculate the area.
And it needs to consider extra 10% waste, So the real area of flooring is
6×5.5×1.1=36.3 m2
A piece of cake, right? :D

2. Triangle Area

Similarly, the area of triangle: 6.3×6.5×0.5=20.475m2,
The real area of flooring: 6.3×6.5×0.5×1.1=22.52m2

3. Combined Area

Facing the combined area may be a little complicated. Nevertheless, no worries for that.

We can divide the area into two regular areas, like this.

Looking at this, remember the approach used above.
Rectangle: 5.4×4.8=25.92 m2
Triangle: 1×4.8×0.5=2.4 m2

So the real area is: (25.92+2.4)×1.1=31.15 m2