How to Enhance Every Room in Your Home with Feature Walls

by Flooringmarket

If you’ve thought about renovating and redecorating your home, there are a few things that have probably already crossed your mind. You’ve probably thought about your personal style, and the best way you can express yourself in each room. The question of money has almost certainly come up too, with home renovating becoming increasingly expensive as we all vie to have the newest trend, or ‘look’.

A simple and stylish way to enhance the look of a room in next to no time and very affordably is by adding a feature wall. Feature walls help you to make the most out of your space in small rooms and are an easy way to let your style sing out! They can make a bold statement, and really set the tone of a whole room by creating colour, texture, and by drawing the eye. Best of all – they are incredibly affordable and are really only dictated by your style ambitions.

We like to think that Sydney is the fashion capital of Australia and so today our feature wall experts are going to show you how these accessories can define every room in your house.

Let’s Start with the Living Room

Your living room is probably the first place you think of when you consider feature walls, but there’s a great reason for that! As the name dictates, this is the room where you will often spend a lot of time. It’s one of the most important entertainment areas too, so it’s vital to make it look impressive.

To set the trend with your family and friends, try a 3D feature wall. That’s right – we said 3D. Not only can 3D panels emphasise the most important features of your room, they can also be a stand-alone work of art in themselves.

Check out how this simple solution brings a whole room to life or how this wood panelling draws the eye and creates a warm, inviting environment.

bedroom feature wall

Personalise Your Bedroom

Your bedroom shouldn’t just be a place where you crawl into bed. It’s a comfortable, relaxing area and should be an expression of your true personality. You could simply hang wall art and risk ruining your walls, or you could express yourself with a stylish feature wall.

The wooden finish that timber panels provide exudes a sense of warmth and class. For a more luxurious finish, leather is always a great option. No matter what you choose, a well-placed feature wall can also be a seamless and stylish replacement for your old, clunky headboards.

Creative Kitchens Define Your Home

If you’re not in the bedroom or the living room you might be in the kitchen – because let’s face it, that’s where the food is! Whether you’re the designated chef in the family or you’re just a fan of great design, a feature wall in the kitchen is key.

You can design a creative kitchen by taking advantage of patterns and lines. The use of textures in this eye-popping design creates a sleek and clean space that isn’t overstated. This contemporary style can update even the oldest looking kitchen.

Feature Walls in the Bathroom?

The bathroom is where you refresh and reinvigorate yourself, so the clean design of feature wall can work perfectly. From a wooden look to a more textured design, there are a range of styles that suit different bathroom decors.

When you’re decorating the bathroom sometimes a simple, understated feature wall is the way to go. That way you can use it as the perfect launching point for impressive mirrors and sleek, shiny taps.

So there you have it, four important rooms, four ways to use feature walls. If you have an inspired design that makes the most of wall panels, we’d love to hear about it. Leave a comment below and we can all share our ideas!