What is 5G locking system

by Flooringmarket

Forget about T&G engineered timber flooring, A big breakthough has been emerged.

This innovation not only offers you a new flooring system, it helps your customers to save time and money.

The 5G connection is one of the most advanced connecting systems on the market and is simultaneously the fastest and easiest method to install engineered flooring.

Engineered floors can be installed appx. 50 % faster with the 5G system, than with other locking systems.

5G uses the so-called 'single action“-method. This means that the head side of the floor element is simultaneously locked into the long side with a click.

The secret is a removable nylon plastic spring on the short side of the panel.

The locking method is activated by a simple folding down motion.
No tools at all are needed.

A finger pressure suffices to lock the boards together.

*Source: Välinge Innovation AB