About Us

Flooring Market is a comprehensive building materials retailer & wholesaler. We provide a complete installation service for all the products we have which includes solid timbers, bamboos, laminates and wall features. We are a family owned business with a strong foundation built on a platform unlike anyone else. We’ve partnered with a number of companies which have been wholesaling & installing in the building & renovation industry in Australia for decades. With the right and experienced installers & trades for the appropriate advice & quality to being involved literally from the ground up. From associates immersed in the Australian Agriculture & Forestry group establishing well managed harvesting to the timber yard & beyond to manufactures in Europe & across Asia. This gives us the opportunity to not only just supply already available products but customise made to order products as well for to suit most applications. It allows us to follow the process & essential for quality control certification necessary to meet the standards required & ultimately enable peace of mind for the client.

We have more than 3000 m2 of storage space comprising of showroom, workshop & warehousing. This allows us to house in a secure environment, bulk materials which have been ordered & made for designated developments prior to the installation stages.

Improving on the formula each day is our philosophy & to be able to share our knowledge & experience, advice & service at a premium level is what we aspire to.