A Simple Guide to Matching Your Floor and Decor

by Flooring Market Australia

As one of the most prominent surfaces in our home, the floor is an essential interior design element. Unsurprisingly, the floor ‘grounds’ a room, setting an instant mood for those who enter. Just imagine walking into a room with polished timber floors and then compare that to a room with shag carpet. See what a difference it makes?

In this guide, we’ll help you understand how your floor works with your decor and furniture. Follow our advice and you can create a look that works for your home or business.

Considering Colour

Before we get into the design specifics, we need to talk about colour. Because whatever kind of floor you have, making sure it matches your walls and decor is essential.

Contrasting Light and Dark

No matter what colour your floor is, you can make it work by creating tasteful contrasts between it and the rest of the room. Delicately contrasting hues and shades – particularly light and dark colours – creates a harmonious splendour in any space. Here are some inspiring examples:

●For light-coloured hardwood floors, opt for darker walls and lighter furniture. Instead of choosing black, consider dark blues, burgundies and similar hues.

●For darker floors, opt for light wall colours such as eggshell blue, apricot yellow, or mauve. Match that with furniture that is either slightly lighter or darker than the floor – maybe it’s time to buy that pitch black leather sofa you’ve been eyeing!

Be Creative

Of course, there are no hard and fast rules. Just remember that similar colours generally make a room feel plain and dark colours make small rooms feel cramped.

Follow the same principles when choosing art, coffee tables, bedspreads, and other decor. When you think you’ve finished decorating, look at your room from a distance and ask yourself a few questions. Does it feel unified? What works best? Are there things that seem out of place?

Rugs Are a Floor's Best Friend

Rugs are an essential element in decorating any room. They enhance the look of the floor by complementing it, adding contrast and interest while also providing protection.

Matching Rugs with Floors

Hardwood and Bamboo Flooring

Whether you choose bamboo , solid timber , or engineered timber flooring , you have chosen a floor with timeless charm and beauty. Almost any rug will suit natural wooden floors and they’re important for added protection. Consider a soft, cosy rug for under your coffee table to protect the floor and create an inviting look. A sturdier Persian rug might suit walkways or the middle of an open room.

Floor Tiles

Floor tiles look great and last for years but they can be cold and hard. A soft luxurious rug solves this problem and helps to prevent cracking. A simple, single colour rug will juxtapose the tile pattern, providing an appealing finish.

Laminate Flooring

The beauty of laminate flooring is the huge range of colour options available. Because of this, there are no real guidelines – it will depend on what you get. But remember, contrast is king – a dark timber-style laminate with a creamy-white rug will make a bold impression.

Make the Perfect Match

For interior decorating advice and the best floor for your décor, talk to Flooring Market in Sydney. You can contact us today for more advice or explore our range online .