Types of Decorative Interior Mouldings

by Flooring Market Online

If you’re looking to add a bit of decoration and style to your home’s interior, there are many ways you can use different types of moulding to your benefit. Moulding in a decorative sense is a rather broad term that covers any strip of material that can be used as cover or decoration. Moulding can be made from a range of materials and can be applied to doors, walls, windows, mirrors and ceilings.

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Catch the Eye with Feature Walls

Feature or accent walls are great because they allow you to really experiment with bold decorations on one wall without committing to changing your whole space.

Give your room some glam with 3D feature walls, made of colourful and intricate wall panels that can frame the best features of your room while also giving the space a defining air.

Or go for a luxurious feel with a leather accent wall . Leather wall panels will add quality, warmth and class to any room. They are great for bedrooms or studies to add that cosy feel.

For a rustic look, try putting up a timber accent wall. Timber adds a natural and earthy touch to any room, while remaining elegant and simple. It can combine light and dark hues in the room, matching nearly any design.

You can also decorate one wall by strategically placing mirrors on the walls. Try using painted and trimmed picture moulding around the mirrors to frame them nicely. This will add a sense of glamour and playfulness to your living or lounge room.

Tile it Up

People have been using tiles to decorate walls for centuries, and not just for the bathroom. You can use a glazed porcelain tile on the walls of your kitchen or lounge room to create a clean and elegant finish.

Try using brass-like tiles that will catch the light from different angles. Arrange it in a pattern that delights the eye, as shown here or go classic with a high attention to detail by installing mosaics on your wall. There’s no end to the colours and shapes you can create with mosaics.

Wallpaper for a Classic Touch

What ever happened to good old-fashioned wallpaper? Putting up wallpaper is a great way to get the style and design that you want in a simple way. Go for a classic Victorian look with elegant floral shapes, or try something a bit less understated and bit funkier. Think pink and wavy zebra stripes with metallic undertones!

Ceiling Mouldings for Clean Lines of Décor

For a classic and simple way to decorate, try putting up clean moulding on the creases of the ceiling and the walls. Moulding is also great to put around window frames and doorways, and you can choose between a variety of warm and understated colours and tones that highlight the furnishings already in your home.

You can also create precise shapes and lines along your walls with moulding.

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