What to Look for in Engineered Flooring

by Flooring Market

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More and more homeowners are choosing to install engineered wooden flooring as opposed to solid timber floors and there are many good reasons for this. Engineered flooring is a specific type of wood floor that consists of two or more bonded layers. It is available in an extremely wide range of timbers, meaning it can suit any home and any room, and is now available with a 5G locking system which provides an ease of installation and long term performance

There are a range of things to consider when you’re looking for timber floor. Let’s explore some important factors now so you can choose the perfect variety for your floor.

What is Engineered Flooring Anyway?

Instead of being one specific species of wood, engineered flooring is made up of various layers. The bottom layers are often made up of plywood, hardwood, softwood or even high density fibre (HDF), while the top layer is made up of a thicker, high-quality timber.

Experience the Advantages

The main benefit of engineered wood floors is stability – engineered flooring is a lot more resistant to humidity and temperature fluctuations and for this reason can be installed in a wide range of interiors.

Engineered timber floors are also renowned for their ease of installation, which makes them a popular choice in the building/construction industry. These floors are no thicker than carpet or tiles, making them easy to handler and lay.

However, it’s important to remember that not all engineered floors are crafted equally. While there are high quality engineered flooring available, there are also low-quality counterparts.

So, how do you tell the difference between high and low quality engineered flooring? Here are some questions to ask and qualities to look for before purchasing your engineered flooring.

1. What are the Main Benefits of Engineered Flooring?

There are five main benefits of this flooring. Search for these qualities when talking to your flooring expert:

  • It can be glued directly to concrete
  • It can be installed below grade
  • It can last up to 80 years if refinished
  • It will work well in humid areas where hardwood may not
  • It comes in a wide variety of species, colours and styles

2. What Are the Layers Made of? 

When purchasing engineered flooring, choose a product with at least three layers of cross-stacked substrate (that is, when the grain goes in opposing directions to offer structural stability). Five layers will be even stronger, even if the overall unit isn’t any thicker.

3. What Kind of Glue Was Used to Bond the Layers?

All of our 5G engineered timber floors are manufactured using extra-strong formaldehyde-free glues. They are also prefinished with seven coats of UV cured, scratch resistant coatings by Klumpp.

4. Can this Engineered Flooring be Installed in a Humid Environment?

Timber flooring is a hygrospic product and it will move as it adapts to changes of humidity in its local atmosphere.

5. Are There Any Warranties?

Warranties are an important thing to look for when purchasing any type of flooring, Our range of engineered hardwood floors come with a Lifetime Structural Warranty and a 25 year Residual Wear Warranty.

Flooring Market Australia is your premier source for top quality engineered flooring in Sydney. If you have any more questions, feel free to get in touch with our team. Contact us for more information or visit our showroom to view our wide selection of pre-finished floorboards.