Wooden Flooring – Dark or Light?

by Flooring Market Australia

There is a lot of variety in the timber flooring market – different textures, levels of hardness, colours, and grains. While this is great for buyers, it can also make choosing the right floor a nightmare.

Today we’re going to break wooden flooring down into two simple categories – dark and light. There are drawbacks and benefits to dark and light flooring and personal preference is important to consider, too.

So, which should you choose?

Open Your Wardrobe

Choosing your flooring is a bit like choosing your clothes. Whether you choose to wear black all the time or are more into white and light pastels is neither right nor wrong, it’s just what you like. This should be your first consideration. Browse light and dark solid or engineered timber flooring – preferably in a display comparable to your own home – and see which resonates with you.

Pros and Cons

Personal preferences aside, there are differences between light and dark wooden floors that you should keep in mind when deciding.

How Do You Feel about Cleaning?

If you hate cleaning, or just don’t get much time for it, you should probably opt for light floors. Dark timber floors show dirt much easier, meaning they look grimy much faster. Of course, if you’re really committed to dark timbers you can learn to clean more or institute a no-shoe policy to keep dirt to a minimum. Applying a satin finish will also reduce the visibility of dirt and other imperfections.


Darker floors also show scratches more, so you will need to be more vigilant about taking care of your floor if you choose a dark finish.

Do You Have Pets?

If you have cats or dogs you should definitely lean towards lighter hardwood flooring. Dogs are high-energy and their claws don’t retract, meaning your dark timber floors will quickly become scratched. Most cats and dogs also shed and their fur will be better disguised on lighter timber flooring.

Are Your Rooms Large or Small?

The size of your room will also be very important. In a spacious, open-plan room, dark timber floors create a majestic look. However, dark surfaces in small rooms will create the illusion that the room is even smaller. This can lead to a cramped and even claustrophobic feeling in those rooms.

What Is Your Home's Colour Scheme?

Are you renovating your whole home or just installing new floors? If you’re not planning to repaint, you will need to think about your existing colour scheme. Rooms look better when there is a contrast between the floor and the walls. For lighter walls like white, eggshell blue or pink, a dark floor is perfect. If your surfaces and décor are darker, then complement this with a light-coloured timber floor.

Find out More

If you’re looking for affordable timber flooring in Sydney, contact the friendly team at Flooring Market. We provide expert advice on all types of light or dark flooring, from solid timber to engineered timber flooring.